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Cat Nap

by Sue Bledsoe

Cat Nap

Cat Nap

I saw this picture on a calendar and thought it would be an easy one to use my new water color set for.

Wrong again. I spent many evenings figuring out how to make the black look like fur and how to put white whiskers over the black kitty.

I finally discovered that colored pencils would color over the black paint.

So then I spent many hours experimenting with different shades to make the kitty more realistic.

I am not 100% satisfied but it is only my second water color so I guess I did okay.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sue
This is pretty dang good for only a 2nd attempt!

Watercolor is one of the hardest mediums to master, well, so my Mum says, anyway. Mum loves using watercolor, it's her second favorite to acrylics.

I am not even going to begin to try to advise you here because I have only ever done one watercolor! I'm sure there's a lot to learn but that makes it all the more interesting, don't you think?

Thank you very much for being brave enough to send in your 2nd only attempt, that takes gumption. I can see why you are proud of this - I would be if I had created it!

Edited to add comments:

by: Michael Betz
Sue, this kitten is just too cute! It is no secret that cats are my fav animal. For watercolor this is very very good! Watercolor is extremely difficult to work with. As for the whiskers...if I may....using a utility knife (a.k.a. exacto knive) to scrap along the lines of the whiskers should do the trick...I learned that technique on They have a tremendous library of tutorial videos....they are deff on the expensive side though, but they offer free samples of their videos. They cover everything from pastel, to watercolor, to acrylics, and even drawing.

All help appreciated
by: Sue from Tennessee
Thanks for your comment and suggestion, Michael. I will remember that. I really enjoy watercolor, but I don't know how to mix very well yet. As usual, Kerry's site worked its magic. It looks much better here that on paper.

I have been wondering, what is the difference between water color and acrylic?

by: Kerry
Hey Sue,
Well, I'm not the one to ask the difference between watercolor and acrylic but I'm game to have a stab! Acrylic is more like working with oil paints only it dries faster than oil. It's a different texture to watercolor paint. If you look at them, watercolor paint looks to be powdery whereas acrylic is a thick, runny substance. Mum loves the acrylic because of the fact it dries faster than oil plus they have some beautiful vibrant colors available in acrylic.

You can also use an old pen or biro (that is out of ink) to scour the paper for the whiskers. That was the tip of the month in the June newsletter.

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