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Charlene Young (Char)

by Charlene Young
(Hamilton, NJ, USA)

Nice To Meet Everyone

Nice To Meet Everyone

Hi, my name is Charlene Young. I have been drawing since I was young. I was not very good at it.

One day I sat down and decided to draw a page from a coloring book. It was of a woman in a gym. I am not sure how old I was but what I drew was not quite bad. It was then that I discovered that I could draw and ever since then I have been drawing.

With each drawing I believe that I have improved. The older I got the more I found out that I love drawing more and more.

Drawing to me is very rewarding and it allows me to express myself and be free.

***Note from Kerry:
Hello Char! It's so great to meet you. I feel your love for drawing just by reading your words. You will be a great artist, just continue to draw and learn new techniques as you go along. It's a fantastic hobby and I am honored to share it with you.

Here is the link to your drawing:


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