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by Raveena

Chendakaran is the malayalam name for a drum perfomer.India is a land of fairs and festivals and Kerala is no exception to this. There are numerous temple festivals that are celebrated in Kerala. panjavdyam and melam comes in that catagory.

A melam is a classical performance of different kind of musical instruments that are unique to Kerala and is something akin to the jazz.

Panchavadyam (pancha in Sanskrit means five) is another classical musical ensemble performed in Kerala. Here, five different kinds of instruments create a breathtaking and fastmoving percussion performance. The five instruments are Madhalam, Kombu, Edakka, Elathalam and Timila.

Thayambaka is a solo Chenda (drum) performance, where the performer uses one stick and the other hand to play the instrument instead of the usual two sticks.

Note from Kerry:

Hi Raveena
Thanks for the interesting information. So, did you paint this? I can't quite pick whether it is pastel or paint. I think it is very good anyway, great job!

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