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Conan The Barbarian

by Bill Richards
(Hart, Michigan)

Conan Comparison (1987-2009)

Conan Comparison (1987-2009)

Conan Comparison (1987-2009)
Conan The Barbarian drawn in 1987
Conan The Barbarian drawn in 2009

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The first piece is a side-by-side comparison of the two pencil drawings of Conan the Barbarian.

The first one was done in 1987 (when I was only 19 years old), the second was drawn in 2009 (then 41 years old).

As you can see I hope to show that through the years not only has the proportions have improved, but so has the shadows, lights and especially the details.

This is what I show my art students when I teach them how to draw. I hope that my students are able to get to where I have achieved without taking 22 years to do so.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Bill
I really enjoy looking at comparisons so thanks for doing it this way! As I initially gazed at the 2 together, it is hard to notice any difference because each drawing has its own wow factor. I had to look really hard to notice the improvement from the first to the second.

Both of them are excellent pieces of artwork! It looks to me like Conan the Barbarian did a lot of toning up work in the interim years between 1987 and 2009! (Just joking)

I've jumped the queue to put one of your drawings up for you. There is only me working on this site so it does take quite a bit of time to review each submission and then to add my comments. Now that the search engines require around 300-400 words per page (otherwise my site gets penalized and I'm not prepared to take the risk), it makes my job here so much harder and takes a lot longer than it used to. I do apologize for making you wonder what happened to your artwork but hopefully you understand.

When submissions have very few words, I have to leave them until I get the time to add more to the page or wait until they send in another page so I can add the 2 together. (That's a hint for anyone who wants their work to be given priority...)

Thanks for sending in your Conan the Barbarian, it is very intricate artwork and I can see you are an artist with great patience. Good work, Bill.

Comments for Conan The Barbarian

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Nov 16, 2011
Love your drawing
by: Lilly Antoneavic

Your Artwork is just fine, the sketch, the shading everyrhing..

Just keep at it and as they say practice really does make perfect..

I also like to say, It is always One percent Inspiration and Ninety Nine Percent Perspiration..

Let us all perspire together..

Cheers from,
Lilly and Cats..

Nov 16, 2011
Thank you Lilly Antoneavic
by: Bill Richards

Thank you for your compliments. When I originally done my first version in 1987, I didn't have the Arnold version to go by at the time. I did a couple of revisions of this piece over this years as you can see with these two side-by-side. (22 years difference) - I hope that my drawings and shading has improved. Thank you again for you compliments and kind words

Nov 16, 2011
Thank you Sergio
by: Bill Richards

Thank you again for your compliments. I do appreciate it.

Nov 16, 2011
by: Sergio

Hi Bill, Great job my friend, you have done a fantastic job on your Conan the Barbarian drawing, a lot of details and shading is so good, keep it up my friend, with so much honor I give you 5***** again great job Bill.

Nov 16, 2011
by: Lilly Antoneavic

I love your Conan Drawing.. I used dear old Arnie for my Conan artwork..

Must uplaod mine, and I even did my ex husband as Conan..

He was Gym Junke was in love with his own biceps..

Keep up the good work..
this is one excellent drawing..

Nov 08, 2011
Thank you Ruby
by: Bill Richards

Thank you Ruby for your kind words, I do give some helpful hints for artists along the way. I currently have a dvd out showing how to draw portraits, landscapes and still lifes. I have seen a lot of the other dvds out and they don't go into as much details about drawing with the pencil as I like, so I decided to make my own. Although most of my drawings takes me literally hours, days and in some cases weeks to complete I do time-lapse the dvd down to where the viewer can see what I am doing and why. If there are tips that I may help you on, I would be more then happy to do so. Thank you again.

Nov 08, 2011
by: Ruby

This is great work Bill! The veins in Conan's arm, the flowing hair detail, the fierceness of his face - excellent! Can you please provide any link with videos on detailing and shading? While I have come across several tips and pointers on the material to use I am yet to see a video which explains the portrayal of light and adding details to your drawing with pencils and eraser and shading techniques. Thanks!

Nov 08, 2011
Thanks Bill!
by: Kerry

Hi Bill
Thank you for offering your help to all budding artists, I'm sure your advice will be invaluable.

It is amazing how we grow and learn with every new drawing - it's hard to become bored with drawing, that's for sure. It is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Nov 07, 2011
Thank you
by: Bill Richards

Thank you for putting mine up. As you can see I have been an artist for many years. These two are 22 years apart. I have learned more and more about using pencil, and kept most of my newer work lighter, and thereby creating more contrast between the darks, and lights. Thanks again. If anyone has any questions or comments, I would be eager and honored to reply.

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