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Country Sunday Painted

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

Artweaver effects

Artweaver effects

Artweaver effects
The original Country Sunday

Some of you may remember an old drawing I submitted a long time ago, drawn in pen called Country Sunday ....many of you may not...:)
I got this program called Artweaver and it is an awesome painting program. You can simulate pencils, acrylics, all kinds of mediums.
I took the old Country Sunday and played with it a bit in Artweaver....this is the is all hand painted, not using a paint bucket tool. If you want to check out Artweaver, you can here - Artweaver oh, and it's FREE!! Unless you purchase the updated 2.0.......

Note from Kerry:
Hey Michael,
Thanks so much for introducing this new (free) program to us - I'll have to add it to my Free Drawing Programs page -- after I have a fiddle and know what I'm talking about, of course!
While I admire the neat job you did with coloring "Country Sunday", I still prefer the original - just a funny quirk of mine. I remember that particular drawing (now that is an amazing statement!) and it has always been one of my favorites.
It is so lovely of you to share with us, thank you, I am sure you'll inspire a few people to try Artweaver, me being one for sure.

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