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by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

This was a tutorial by Brenda Hoddinott using advanced hatching and cross-hatching techniques. I don't really care for the harsh contrasts of hatching and cross-hatching so I preferred to do mine with my usual blended pencil technique.

This took me pretty much a full morning and most of an afternoon to do...all together about 6 hours or so.

I used my 2B mechanical pencil and an HB mechanical pencil, with a combination of blending stumps and pencil shading. If you look closely, you can see hints of the hatching and cross-hatching, as I did do them...I just choose to blend them out.

Note from Kerry:

Michael, I am pretty sure Brenda would not mind because you are adding your touch! There is no point in us drawing at all if we simply mimic others all the time.

Your dagger drawing is absolutely great, it looks like I could reach out and touch it except I don't wanna cut my fingers!

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