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Drawing My Boy

by Jim Leming
(Issaquah, WA)



Moving Right Along
Occupy Wall Street Stores

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My Boy
After 40 plus years of wondering, misleading hints and clues and worry... I did what some men only dream about: finally get to meet the Son I knew I had, but was taken away from me by twisted logic, a selfishly maneuvered legal system and greed. That, I am happy to say, has finally been righted!

Here is my Son... James.

Moving Right Along
Well let's see... I guess any other words might just seem redundant so I will let the image speak as loudly as it wishes. I hope that some day very, very soon someone will wake up enough to understand what is really going on. I'm glad they are fighting for the 'middle class', but I hate to tell them that the 'middle class' died a lonely death many years ago when no one was watching...

Occupy Wall Street's Stores
There comes a time when people must take a stand and demand to be treated with the same respect that the poorest individual on the face of the planet rightly deserves WITHOUT feeling like they MUST belong to the 99% crowd to be heard.

Unfortunately, proper direction is sometimes necessary for those less clear as to their direction. Case in point? See above...

Note from Kerry:
Hi Jim
The portrait drawing of your son James is absolutely awesome artwork! Has he seen it? Is he an artistic type also? Does he have a family? (Sorry for the questions but it's the way I am!)

You have really done a wonderful job with his eyes, they are compelling.

I'm not sure of your message about Occupy Wall Street - sometimes your stories are cryptic and it took me years to work out how to do cryptic crossword puzzles. Yeah, I'm a bit slow on the uptake there.

We also have "occupy" protests going on here but so far they seem to be fairly well behaved, thank goodness.

I really like the cartoony style on your 2 Occupy drawings, they are cleverly done and great to study. Your drawings are fantastic, as always.

I've really been looking forward to seeing this portrait of your son. I'm truly sorry it has taken me so long to get it uploaded - I really appreciate your patience! Thanks Jim. I'm very behind with all submissions so I'm trying to do a few each day to catch up.

Hope all is good with you and Em and I hope you get to see your son more often now. By the way, I did get your email (re feathers etc) and I will write back to you when things start to get in order around here.

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