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Drawing Steven Seagal

by Jim Leming
(Issaquah, WA)

...A Man of many Nations...

...A Man of many Nations...

Since it was suggested that I draw a picture of a 'living' being - not one hatched from within the depths of my psyche - let me begin by saying that I have been a long-time admirer of Mr. Steven Seagal.

Not only for his movie prowess but his wealth of inner knowledge and his ever-giving cycle of resources back to the Earth. The fact that he and I share guitar playing is also a pretty neat perk ; )

Way-y-y-y back when, I was introduced to Steven Seagal via movies, I always thought his martial arts skills were movie magic and his persona was fabricated.

Well Boo on me! Not only is Mr. Seagal a Seventh Degree Black Belt Aikido Master and Sense (teacher), he is a versatile blues musician and philanthropist - his most recent effort is an HIV/AIDS foundation in Africa called "Save A Million Lives".

Needless to say... a 'hero' in the most classic form.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Jim
Thank you very much for doing this drawing for us, we didn't mean to harp! It's good to see something different and I like the fact you weren't daunted by it.

As you know, I also like Steven Seagal and I also used to think most of his stunts were fabricated! Yeah, until we learn otherwise, that is.

I even like the way you have done his name, it looks real good. As usual, I shake my head as I look at all the detail you have thought to include, like the intricate pattern of his shirt.

Thanks Jim, great job!

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