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Finally I Did It

by M Taimoor Khan
(Lahore, Pakistan)

The result of my persistence

The result of my persistence

I have a deep love for art. It is with me from the days of my childhood. My deepest memory of my childhood is connected with me drawing a picture of a horse and getting appreciation from my parents. I was 5 at the time.

Despite of my ever present love for art, for some reason, I didn't chose it as a career and haven't got any formal training. I take suggestions, I search the net to gain valuable information, but mostly whatever level of skill I have reached owes itself to the persistent obsession with art that I had with me for my entire lifetime.

This portrait I drew from a Mag. There was a small picture of Penelope Cruz which struck me as very elegant and beautiful. I immediately took a paper and a pencil and started the drawing. I doubled the scale and employed boxes technique to get the proportion right.

Shading was a hard job as I did not have proper tools - only an ordinary lead pencil and a rubber. The contrast would be much higher and the picture would look more "real" if I were patient enough to wait for the arrival of the right tools. Still this is one picture that I did that I am really proud of. And it is very few of my drawings that have survived my artistic frustrations (which I usually take out on my work!).

***Note from Kerry:
It is no wonder that you are proud of this portrait, it is really lovely! It is even more spectacular when we consider the limited tools you had at your disposal. This is a job well done!

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Penelope Cruz

by Taimoor Khan
(Lahore, Pakistan)

This is a picture of Penelope Cruz that I did a few years ago. I saw a great photograph of her in a magazine and couldn't resist drawing it. Drawing has been my passion from the very early days of my live.

I did post this picture before - but that was months go - under the title "I finally did it" or something like it. But I am sending it again anyways.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Taimoor,
I searched for this one the other day but the title had me fooled and I couldn't find it. I was in 2 minds whether to upload it again but it is very worthy of a 2nd viewing, in my opinion.

You are very talented indeed -- and thoughtful too, for doing a portrait drawing for Marty. Thanks Taimoor.

Here is the original entry:

Finally I did it

Added comments:

by: Michael Betz
What more could I possibly say about your portraits? They are absolutely fantastic! I think my new goal is to do portraits as well as you. I am a fan of yours now....

by: Marty
Hello Again Taimoor:
Wow and how beautiful.
I love all your artwork.
I am also a fan of yours and I will always love and admire the portrait you did of me, it is just beyond great.
Come on Michael and do a portrait of me also. I'll be watching.
I love it.
Your fan forever:

by: Gopesh
Superbly done! How much time did it cost? But do write ur name in the title next time when u submit ur tremendous skills to find u easily keep on fleeing:)

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Brad Pitt

by Taimoor Khan
(Lahore, Pakistan)

I did this portrait of Brad Pitt a few days ago. I saw one of his pictures on the internet and I appreciated it very much. So I tried to draw it. No special technique is employed in this picture.

I have already introduced myself under another pic (a portrait of Penelope Cruz).

***Note from Kerry:
It is very good, Taimoor.

I can't find your entry of Penelope Cruz, it isn't here but there were 2 for Brad Pitt. I have combined the stories from both entries and placed it here. Taimoor, please send in the one of Penelope again, your portrait work is fantastic!

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A Gift For Marty

by Taimoor Khan
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Marty requested me to do his portrait from a photo on this website. As I see he is a respectable man with a love for art and a very encouraging heart.

So here it is for you, Marty. Though I charge a small amount to do portraits of people - hehe :-) - this is a gift to you from me.

If you want a bigger scanned copy that I have with me, you may let me know your email.

***Note from Kerry:
Gee Taimoor, that is such a lovely gesture on your behalf, thank you! Marty will be absolutely thrilled to see this.

Marty, methinks you are being spoilt! You deserve it all too.

Good advice from Taimoor:

by: Taimoor

Rachel, there was a time most of my drawings ended up in the bin. But If you ask me, that was the most terrible thing I could do to the creations of my own hands.

Now, my drawing is not "perfect". Nothing is perfect. We strive for perfection, but can never achieve it. A more experienced artist than me would see many faults in my drawing. Even a casual observer, like some of my non-artist friends, they sometimes give comments on my drawings and point out flaws that I could not see. They show greater insight in this respect.

You have to practice. And by keep practicing you will get better. But to continue to practice, you need confidence in yourself, and you will gain confidence only if you preserve your artwork so that you can see your improvement by comparing your current art to your previous one.

You think my drawing is "better" than yours - that's your opinion - but you must also be aware of the fact that there are people who can't even get near to the drawing you did, aren't you? Then by the same logic, you are a "better" artist than them, isn't it? What made you a "better" artist than them? Your love for art and your practice. If so, by continuing practising, you will get better and better and excel.

I also see artwork of many great artists and sometimes think that my drawings are worthless compared to them. Even on this site there are drawings whose details and realism cause me envy. But then I think of all the above and get a good prespective of reality. This is how I improved and continue to improve, and I know I have a long, long road to go. This is how you will improve, and very soon you may do a portrait of marty that YOU will think is a lot better than mine.

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