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The Lady

by Sushree Kalpana Chand

Once I was fed up with studying and I was not at all feeling sleepy. I thought of drawing to pass the night. Then I copied this from a picture. All I came out with was this!

***Note from Kerry:
Sushree, that is beautiful! I love the dash of color and the simplicity of the drawing. You've created something very captivating...

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A Sweet Kid

by Sumit.V.Sonawane

"A Sweet Kid"

Hey, please pick me up. I wanna wet your clothes!!

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Sumit,
Your drawing is terrific, good job!

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To Bid You Farewell

by Vegar j

One of my favorite drawings

One of my favorite drawings

I used a picture of a famous actress (Guess who) and when i was done, i thought she looked so sad. It looked like she was going to leave for good. So I drew the open ocean in the background and it fitted perfectly.

The title ''To Bid You Farewell'' Is the title of an Opeth song, I think it fits this drawing perfectly.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Vegar
I don't know who it is and that's not because you haven't drawn her well enough - I just don't keep up with actors names. It also doesn't stop me from admiring your drawing. Great job!

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Gorgeous beauty

by Chaithra
(Bangalore, karnataka, India)

Georgeous beauty

Georgeous beauty

This is the drawing i did in my school days. In exact note, i draw this one when i was in 9th standard. Just a ordinary pencil i used to draw this.

I saw this image in some old calendar and tried to draw the same. When finished i was totally happy with my own hand work. So I thought of displaying it here.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Chaithra, thanks for sharing your past work, it's good to see work you did back then and what you can produce now.

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My Friend

by Manjunath

This one is a drawing of my friend. I drew this because of the beautiful snap of her.

Note from Kerry:
Manjunath, this is such a lovely drawing! I hope you give it as a gift to your friend, she will love it! (She is very pretty!)
You have a beautiful drawing style.

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Playing Shortstop

by Ellen Brown
(Sealy, Texas)

This is a drawing that I did to practice a little different style from my normal dogs and babies. I thought I would try a "somewhat action" drawing from a picture that I took of my daughter playing shortstop in a practice one day. Really hard trying to get the hands and legs just right!

Note from Kerry:

Gee Ellen, I continue to be impressed with the standard of drawing you can do and you're only a beginner! Watch out world!

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A Friend Of The Martin's

by Marty

Carolyn Knight a friend of the

Carolyn Knight a friend of the

Hello Everyone:

Here is a drawing i just completed, I used a #2 pencil and an artist charcoal pencil.

I saw this picture and I thought I would freehand it. Does it look like I am improving any?

This is Carolyn Knight a friend of the Hoggie Martin's. P.S. This name is not intended to anyone living or deseased. I made up this name for the Hoggie Martin family story.

I hope you all like it?

Also I have been thinking that I think the bus driver and the school kid's are like buried in the woods. Someone said that Hoggie had an old school bus on the farm but they haven't seen it in years.

Everyone I have talked to thought that he just junked out the old school bus because it was common back then to sell old cars, buses and etc. Just to get extra money. So they all took it for granted that this was what happened.

And if you were thinking about what happened to the school bus that tragic day. Well the police had it towed to the police station holding area as evidence, I have heard that it is still in the same old police holding area. And also that the police have never tested the bus for fingerprints or anything.

Please let me know what you all think?

How about it Kerry, Michael or anyone else has any of you figured it out yet? What about the woods? Do you think they could be buried there? I will post a hint with my next drawing so that you all may figure it out. So be watching for my next drawing and it will be soon.

As I have met a mystery person that knows the where, why and what of the story.



***Note from Kerry:
Marty, I think your sketch is great. You most certainly are improving although I've always liked everything you've done and didn't think you needed to improve.

We all wait with baited breath on the outcome of your story ...

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For Marty

by rachel

Hey Marty, this is for you. Thanks for letting me draw you. I know it isn't great but I hope you like it.

***Note from Kerry:
Rachel, you are amazing! Marty will be so thrilled you have done this drawing for him, thank you. You've done a great job.

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Sleeping Girl

by kitty

I feel very tired these days because i don't get to sleep enough. One night i just wanted to draw something because i didn't draw for quite a long time and i missed it.

I didn't know what to draw at first, but then i got this idea it is. it is not very good, unfortunately.

I think her name is Keisha and she was as tired as i was that night and fell asleep the moment she put her head on the pillow.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Kitty,
This is wonderful artistry and all the more admirable because she's from your imagination. I love your drawing, it's extra special since you drew what you were feeling at the time. Great work!

I sympathize with your lack of sleep, I'm struggling with that at the moment too and it's really hard to function properly. I hope everything returns to normal for you soon Kitty.

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by John deboer
(Rogers, ar.USA)



This I actually saw in a text book that one of my kids had brought home. As I was looking through I found this photo and thought it would make a good picture.

To me it looks like maybe a warrior going off to war or on a hunt.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi John, it's great to see another one of your fantastic drawings, thank you.

I agree it looks definitely like some kind of farewell, it is moving.

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An Anonymous Girl

by Jubi

My friend saw a Girl yesterday... But her face was not clearly visible as she was wearing a big hat.... so he followed her for a long time... unfortunately... the girl vanished away when she got a hint that somebody is following her and my Friend become very disappointed

....he came to me and asked me to draw her picture and gave me all the details...I think he is falling in love with that Anonymous Girl.....

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Jubi
Your drawing of the young girl is pretty and very well done. Thanks for sharing such a great story!

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The Cowboy

by mike garcia
(carrollton Tx)

12 Year Old Cowboy

12 Year Old Cowboy

A guy I had met had a newspaper clipping of his son and I thought it would be great piece to draw.

The boy was 12 years old and his dad said he was tough as they come.

***Note from Kerry:
Hey Mike, that looks great! It's incredible that you copied it from a newspaper - your detailing is perfect.

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Eye of the beholder

by Salil
(Pune, India)

This is supposed to be a woman's eye which it does look like on the paper :) .

My mobile camera seems to degrade the picture quality sometimes.

I didn't know where to post this picture so I am posting it in the portrait section. This is one of my earlier sketches.

Suggestions are welcome.


***Note from Kerry:
Gosh Salil, that is fantastic!! The original must be sooo good if you think the quality isn't as good here. We all allow for scanning etc, we know the originals are always much better to the naked eye but this is all we have to work with for now. I am so appreciative that I can see your drawings at all.

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Grandma and Mom

by Michelle
(Snohomish, WA)

Grandma and Mom

Grandma and Mom

This drawing is my sixth portrait and is from a photo from about 1935. My mom was about two years old and sitting on my grandmother's lap.

I drew this for my mother for Mother's Day. She cried when she saw it and loved it so much, she was going to hang it up in the living room right away where she could show it to everyone.

***Note from Kerry:
There's no doubt about it, a drawing is the greatest gift you can ever give because it comes from the heart. I can see why your Mom loved it, your drawing is very well done.

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