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by John Nolen
(N.S.W, Australia)

Scienta - The Robot Guard

Scienta - The Robot Guard


Well, I love everything about Sci-Fi.

It just captures my imagination..

I used HB, 2B and a black felt tip pen.

And Derwent artists pens for the colour.

***Note from Kerry:
John, it just so happens there is a category for Sci-Fi now so I have moved Scienta there to live among his friends.

You've put a lot of work into this drawing and I think you've done a fine job!

Added comment:

by: Marty
Hello Again John:
Wow man I don't want to mess with your Scienta.
It looks like it could take care of about anything.
John you gave us another one of your great drawings keep it up man. I love it.

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by John Nolen
(N.S.W, Australia)

Slithice- Robot warrior

Slithice- Robot warrior

Found a picture on the internet, and decided to make a story behind it, and name it..

I used a HB pencil and a 2B pencil for shading.
Also a black felt tip pen for outlining.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi John,
I would have loved to hear the story to go with the drawing, it makes such a difference I reckon. My first thought was that he is part sci-fi, part fantasy. How did I do?

Added comments:

by: John Nolen
Yer, thats about it..
Slithice is half fantasy, half Sci-fi.
It is half-cyborg, half snake.
he was created in the Post-Apocalypse to make peace on the earth, to stop all the riots.
Yet, he created an army to overthrow the humans...
Still haven't thought of who will win yet... :D

by: Marty
Hello John:
Well John you know we will have to win.
That's the way it is. That's the way it was. And that's the way it always will be.
Who does that sound like? " Bret The Hitman Hart "
I guess I watch too much TV?
Now don't everyone comment so quick we don't want my puter to freeze up do we?
I love your drawings John. Keep'em coming.

by: Kerry
Thanks for adding your story here, John. You brought a smile to my face when you said you didn't know who would win yet. Gee, Marty sounds like he doesn't like to lose!

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