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Fall Dusk

by Cindy Barnard
(Bloomington, Indiana USA)

Brilliant Indiana Fall Dusk

Brilliant Indiana Fall Dusk

Brilliant Indiana Fall Dusk

This painting was inspired by a beautiful October dusk picture I took from the deck of my house. It faces west and I couldn't believe how brilliant the colors were in this moment the sun was going down.

I've attached the original photos so you could see my inspiration and the unbelievable colors it produced.

The lake scene...I provided just because that's where my muse took me...we live near Lake Monroe and Indiana is full of beautiful rolling hills so these reasons it helped me to use my imagination.

My husband said he thinks this is the best one so far...this made me very happy...couldn't wait to share it with all my friends on "All about drawings" (even though it is a painting!) Thanks for giving me the avenue Kerry to show my work!!!!
Your friend,
Cindy Barnard

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Cindy,
Thank you for sharing your creations with us! I know you mentioned you were working on this and I'm so pleased to see it finished. The sky is definitely pretty and I really admire the way you have adapted the painting to follow your muse.

You have quite the artistic flair, it's lovely Cindy.

Added comments:
by: Marty
Hello Cindy:
And my dear what a friend youi are to all of us for sharing this beautiful painting with us.
I am like parchel to paintings as I do paintings also.
I love it and please any time you paint another one please share it with us.

by: Cindy
Thanks Kerry and Marty
I'm really glad you like it! You are both so supportive and kind with your words. It took a while to paint it...I can draw faster than I can paint but lately I've been painting more than drawing. Each time I paint, I learn more about techniques and use of the medium. I find it amazing how I can translate certain techniques from drawing into painting. Shading and mixing colors. It's very intriguing, I think that's why I've been choosing this medium right now. I keep thinking about things I want to try. Anyway, thanks for everything you do and say!!

by: Carmen
Hi Cindy,
I am very impress with the colors of your painting, especially the sky. It is not easy to combine colors and obtain a beautiful sunset. I like it very much, great job!

by: Cindy
Thanks Carmen...I'm glad you like it! I worked really hard on that sky! I was flabergasted when I saw the "real" sunset. I just had to give it a try myself! I did the painting in acrylic using many different size brushes and made the trees in the forground with a artist sponge(some kind of sea sponge) has a lot of texture to it and is great for creating trees and shrubs. Thanks for the compliment! I'm glad you liked my color choices!

by: Marty
Hello Again Cindy:
Have you tried to paint " Wet-On-Wet "?
It is the way Bob Ross painted.
I love painting like him. As soon as I get the money to buy a camcorder I will do a teaching video showing how to do Wet-On-Wet pwinting.
I want to make about a 1-2 hour teaching video.
This way I could show how to paint, trees, scrubs or bushes, mountaing, streams, waterfalls, rocks, landscapes and etc.
I have been wanting to this for a long time.
I also thought if I could persuade a church to let me use a classroom for one night out of the week I could have teaching training for people that wants to learn how to paint in oils.
With the Wet-On-Wet method the paint stays wet for about two weeks after you finished the painting. I have worked up to four weeks without it drying by working or painting on the painting everyday for the four weeks.
You can work on a painting like that for say one or two hours a day.
I have painted one I didn't like and I wiped all the paint off and started over. It is great to paint that way.
Cindy I love the way you paint. I can paint a landscape in about 20 minutes.
I just thought you may like to have the info.

by: Cindy
Hi Marty! I haven't tried "wet on wet" painting. Haven't even tried oils yet either. I am a big fan of Bob Ross too. I used to watch him on my lunch hour..he had such a mild manner about him and his works were really beautiful! He was a big fan of the big brush too! Except for real detailed tree branches etc. I do have some of his books but since they're all about painting in oils I haven't been able to try anything yet. I'd love to see some of your paintings Marty! I'll email you sometime and we can share thoughts! Thanks so much for being so supportive of my work. It means a lot to know I'm doing good work. I just know I love art of all kind and can't imagine my life without drawing, painting or music in it. It keeps me sane and happy! My confidence is really growing too! Thanks to this wonderful site that Kerry has afforded all of us! She's the greatest!!

by: Michael Betz
Whoa!! just don't even know what to say. Your painting is absolutely fantastic!! I am sorry I did not comment sooner....I am just getting over a bad flu. Your use of colors is simply amazing!! That, I am afraid is one of the main reasons I don't paint....I am what you call shade blind. Not completely color blind, but shades and hues are extremeley difficult for me to duplicate. Some colors look like others to me....for many years growing up I could not understand why they call an Orange orange...when it is clearly But obviously have no issues with colors because you have captured the shades perfectly!! I am now a fan of your painting.....I can not wait to see more.

by: Cindy
Oh touch my heart! Thank you for such nice compliments! I'm humbled! I can't imagine what it would be like to not be able to see color. Although after seeing many of your drawings I'd say it hasn't affected your ability to draw beautiful, imaginative and skilled pieces!! I really love the work you do too!
I too just got over a bad some meds and am feeling better but still have a lingering cough. Hope you get to feeling better soon!
I have a lot of "all about drawing" emails to open and I'm a hopen' some new drawings from you are in the bunch!!
Thanks again and I'm really happy that you like my painting!

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