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by Sue Bledsoe

My First Attempt at Color

My First Attempt at Color

My First Attempt at Color
The Red Bird
Palm Tree in Crayon
Mountain Scene in Crayon

Well, Kerry, I finally did it. I went off the high dive. This took me a very long time (mostly getting up my nerve).

I very lightly sketched the drawing. Then I used colored pencils on the flowers and butterflies. I moved on to water color for the sky and leaves (did you know that there are about 2,348 shades of green and I tried them all).

I am very proud of this creation--partly because it is my first work in color, and partly because of the way it turned out. I need to learn a lot more about mixing colors and get some brushes that I don't have to keep pulling loose bristles out of. So. What do you think?

The Red Bird
This is my Merry Christmas card for all my friends here on Kerry's site.

The bird is done in gouache watercolor which is a new experience for me. Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint. It is a bit harder to work with because it is harder to mix, but the colors are more intense.

I don't know anything about "washes, etc." yet. I just start painting.

The Palm Tree and Mountain Scene
The palm tree and mountain scenes are done with Crayola crayons. They are very easy and quick to do and I learned a lot about layering colors.

If you have never worked with crayons, I highly recommended it. For beginners like me, it is an easy way to learn about color.

Different effects can be achieved by layering and scratching on top of the crayon. That is how I got the palm fronds effect.

When using crayon, the type of paper makes a big difference in the final look. The palm tree picture was done on rough paper where the mountain scene was done on smooth paper. I like working with the smooth paper better.

So Merry Christmas to all my friends here. Let me hear from you.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sue
Wow, wow and wow! It was a beautiful image of butterflies that emerged before my eyes as I loaded your page. You've chosen perfect colors and I just cannot believe this is your first attempt!

This would be so lovely in a frame. Don't forget to write your info on the back. (eg. first attempt with color, the date, your name and sig, reference the image - from imagination or copied from a photo, etc etc)

I think it's a terrific piece of art, I'm extremely happy for you. Now that the first step is over, you can move on to being bold and adventurous. Great work, Sue!
p.s. How was the wedding? I've missed you around here!

Edited to add...

The Red Bird
Aw, thank you for your beautiful Christmas card! I hope you can feel the cyber hugs I am sending your way.

Wow, thanks so much for explaining about gouache. I really appreciate you sharing what you know because it helps all of us in the long run. You are such a great sport!

I am very impressed with your colored artwork, you are improving at such a great speed. I love the fact that you are experimenting and having great success at the same time.

The Palm Tree and Mountain Scene
I love your palm tree!! That is a beautiful piece - the colors make it really stunning.

I also thought the mountain scene was good... I have tried crayon and although you say it is easy, I say it is hard. I didn't have much success at all. Well, I didn't like the outcome of my experiment anyway and I don't show it to anyone.

As it turns out, the selection of paper we use is very important in most works of art. The same applies for when we use watercolor, the paper dictates whether it will be easy to work with or it can make it nearly impossible. I found that out the hard way!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, you are a very lovely, sweet person and you deserve the best. Thank you Sue, for everything.

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