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by Viswanath V Rao
(Pune INDIA)




I did these drawings a few weeks back.
Ganesha - free hand drawing on a small card board sheet and is framed with news papers rolled on four sides, colored black. Ganesha - the God of wisdom, is one of the important God(s) of Hinduism. I found many Ganesh drawings in itself. To conclude with the information - that the small mouse is the vehicle for the big Ganesha.

Kartikeya - is done by reverse glass painting technique. I took the reference picture's glass image; Placed it under the glass and draw with glass colors. The front side of the glass contain the ornaments of the God. The peacock, which is the vehicle of Kartikeya is done on a sheet of paper behind the glass. So - its a 3 layer drawing actually.

Last piece of information - Ganesh & Kartikeya are brothers to each other.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Viswanath
Thank you for your wonderful explanation about Ganesh and Kartikeya, it is very interesting to learn all of that.

I love your experimental techniques and they turn out amazing! It is beautiful art, without a doubt. Thank you.

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