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Halloween Pumpkin 2010

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)



The template scored
The ghosts
The finished pumpkin lit

Hey I have not been abducted by one of Jim's I have been busy. I did get a drawing done and submitted. But I wanted to show you all what else I have been doing.

This is the pumpkin my kids and I did for this years Halloween. There should be three ghost that project on the wall behind the pumpkin, but you can't see them.....the only place I could put it that was dark enough, does not have the wall directly behind it. Otherwise, the street light on my street was too bright to see anything...

Oh well....but here is the Betz Family 2010 Halloween Pumpkin......

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael,
Mate, that is fantastic!! Ok, now let's see if I'm not hallucinating... In the lit pumpkin picture - is that a haunted house with a bat and trees and stuff? That is what I am seeing. It's unbelievable that it's carved in a pumpkin, the effect is just brilliant. The kids must love this!

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