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Hoggie And Claire's Old House by Michael

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

I too was intrigued enough to take a stab at this old house.

As for the kids and driver? Who knows? There are a number of places they could be, and not enough information to determine where...... obviously, law enforcement couldn't figure it out either..... so I don't feel so

But here is my version...I almost didn't post it after seeing Kerry's :). But I did this with a mechanical pencil, an HB pencil, 4 different sizes of tortillons, a regular eraser, and a kneaded eraser. And took me just a hair under 4 hours or so from start to finish.

Oh and Kerry, it's not your was hard to make out any real detail on the front of the house, the picture was blurry. But it added to the mystique of the house, and story.

So I think we all took some artistic privileges...*wink*

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael,
You had me curious, I just had to come and see if your drawing was here.

I knew your version wouldn't disappoint me, it is FANTASTIC!

For a start, I didn't realize there was a door portal on the left side of the house! Duh.

You are being too kind, there is no comparison to mine and yours. I'm happy to bow to the master!

You did justice to "artist's privilege" by creating a wonderful looking creepy house.

Michael is the betz there is ... heh. (That's my poor attempt at humor - bet you've never heard that before, not.)

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