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In all its glory

by Ricky Davis
(Pretoria North South Africa)

#1 - Glorious

#1 - Glorious

#1 - Glorious

Please click a thumbnail image to see the bigger version of each drawing.

#1 - In all its glory
I could not find any material to use so i used my imagination. I hope you see what i see.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Ricky
I see a drawing of a magnificent Cathedral and a creation that keeps me in awe - drawing from imagination is one of the hardest things to do so you've done a great job!

May I ask if you use a ruler or do you draw completely freehand? Also, is this pencil and ink? There looks to be a dash of color in there but it could be just from the photo/scan process.

#2 - St Pauls
This is something that I did while I was recuperating from an operation. I was very sore after the op and in order to keep my mind off the pain, I attempted this sketch.

I hope that you will enjoy it.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Ricky
I am so very pleased to hear you used your drawing skills to help you overcome physical hurdles - I hope it worked and kept your mind off the pain. I am also happy to know you pulled through ok. How are you feeling now?

I have enlarged your drawing because the original was too small - that means a little bit of quality has been lost, I am sorry.

The drawing of St Pauls looks fantastic with so much detail going on - that definitely would have kept your mind occupied!

I have added your drawing to an existing piece to keep with new rules about site pages, so I hope you're ok with it.

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