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by Jim Leming
(Issaquah, WA)

About Jim

About Jim

"Well, let's see... I started out as a child (apologies to Bill Cosby). No, that was too far back.

"It was a dark and stormy night..." No, that isn't right either...


All I can seem to remember is learning how to draw airplanes first by looking at my Father's base 'Yearbook' from Buckingham Army Airfield in Florida. I think the first plane I ever did was an Avenger TBM. Then a B-17 then up to a 'Superfortress' B-29. I guess I was about four when I figured out a pencil was more than just breakfast food.

My Aunt bought art lessons for me at the Cincinnati Art Academy but after one day there, I realized that all I was learning was how to draw like my instructor. I'll never remember my first and last day at that school... It was the same day...

At the risk of sounding 'full of myself', drawing came naturally. I bounced around from pencil to charcoal sticks, from pastel chalk to drafting pencils, and from water color to oil... Doesn't sound like much when you put it into three lines but it's covered about 58 years! Just call it the 'Reader's Digest' version...

Interspersed in all of that was a period when I played guitar in a band. Who would have thought a 'garage band' escapee could have racked up so many enjoyable years!

In high school my Art teacher, Mr. Thomas Meagher (Meeger), would give me all kinds of things to draw. Rough, smooth, high reflectivity, dull, transparent, translucent, filled and empty. I always came through with flying colors. It felt so 'natural' I felt guilty getting A's (but I soon got over that!).

That pretty much brings me up to today. That pretty much brings me up to today. Still playing guitar but this time I am listening to Don Wilson and Nokie Edwards of the Ventures on my CD player while playing along! I even drew a memorial portrait of the recently deceased Bob Bogel for presentation to his wife. All in all, it has been a good life to this point.

On the other hand, when it comes to picking out the right wife... well, let's just say I've gotten much better. My requirements have gone from 'warm and breathing' to the 'Absolute Love of My Life'... I met my Emilie in May of 2000 at the Woodland Park Zoo - the ROSE GARDEN to be precise - and come 18 February 2001 I asked her if she would be my wife. Since then, ideas have just been spilling out all over, and it only took me four marriages to get there! Hey... I never said I was perfect!

So... the floor is open for questions. I might have answers, I might not, but I'll always respond!

Thanks for reading about me...

"You in the back! You are free to go... I don't have slides..."

Note from Kerry:
Hi Jim, thank you so very much for introducing yourself here! You omitted saying that you have a terrific sense of humor.

I am very pleased that you eventually met the love of your life, it's a good thing you didn't give up!

Your drawings are fantastic, I love to study each one so thank you for sharing them here.

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