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John Nolen

by John Nolen
(N.S.W, Australia)

Well...I LOVE drawing!

I am 14 years old, love guitar, music, skating, a lot of things...

I don't have many different 'tools', I just have a HB pencil, 2B pencil, and a black felt tip pen. But, for now that's all I need.

How did I learn how to draw?
I really don't know, I have never had 'lessons' or anything, it really just feels like second nature...

What inspires me?
Everything in this world.


Hmm, maybe one day I will take my drawing to the next level, but for now, I just wanna draw for drawings sake :)

And, thats about it...

***Note from Kerry:
Hi John!
Thanks so much for posting a great photo of yourself, you are a handsome young man.

Yep, that's about it for me too, I just love to draw.

I love to see your artwork and I am sure you have provided pleasure to those who have seen your drawings.

Here are some of your latest creations:

Old Night Guard
Tim Burton Collection

It's great to have your participation on the website, thanks John.

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