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Kitty and Kangaroo Drawings

by Sue Bledsoe

Ahh. The Good Life

Ahh. The Good Life

Ahh. The Good Life
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

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Ahh. The Good Life
This little baby (the cat) is done with colored pencils -- my first "real" attempt with that medium.

I started it several months ago, but life got in the way and I just got back to it. I used a reference photo for the kitty, but added my own interpretation.

I used Prismacolor colored pencil (both regular and watercolor pencils). If you ask about the type of paper the front of the tablet says "Artist Sketch Diary" heavy weight, acid free. That's what I know about paper.

It's a good thing I didn't discover how much I enjoy doing this while I was still teaching and raising kids. Nothing would have gotten done. I am ready to start on another.

Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
This one is especially for you, Kerry. It was very easy to do and only took a few minutes. But I send it with a lot of love in that pouch.

If this has to be so many words, I used a #2 mechanical pencil (.5 mil). What do male kangaroos look like? All I ever see are the mamas.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sue
I do enjoy your stories!

Your kitty drawing is so cute! It's great that you have now finished it, see, it was worth it. I am impressed (again) that you are trying different mediums. I admire that you get good results with your experiments - mine are usually no good so I go back to the old favorite pencil to lift my spirits back up.

I agree with you about the paper, I am not an expert on paper at all but I guess it will come with time and experimentation on different sorts. A lot of artists have their favorite kind. So far, I don't care what I draw on, I just want to draw!

I do know that acid-free paper is the best as it's less likely to yellow with age.

I see you sent this in on the 19th October! Wow, I am so far behind it isn't funny. I am truly sorry it has taken me this long to get it uploaded. I will give myself an upper cut (that could be Aussie slang and it means giving myself a punch under the chin.) That should wake me up and get me motivated!

Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport
Gee, you have done a fantastic job drawing a kangaroo! I am very honored that you drew that for me so thank you, Sue, you are a gem. I was also tickled you enclosed love in the pouch, as Rachel would say... mwah! (that's a kiss!)

Male kangaroos look exactly the same as females only they don't have pouches! Kangaroos can really hurt if you get too close so I've never ventured close enough to see any other differences between the two.

The thing about having so many words per page, well, that is the reason I am so far behind. I have to write a lot more now prior to uploading, so each submission takes me that much longer. If I don't comply with the rules, no one will ever find my site and that's a bad thing.

I love your kitty and kangaroo drawings, thanks for sharing them here and I'm looking forward to seeing your other drawings soon. (I know they are in the queue...)

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