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by Lauren Sauers
(wilmington N.C.)

Lauren 2010

Lauren 2010

Lauren 2010
Welcome to the All About Drawings Family, Lauren!

I've been sending in many of my drawings, and i look back at the first ones and think "i have reeaally improved!" :P

I am 13 years old and get some wonderful comments^^ so thanks to all of those who do.

Drawing is a hobby of mine, and when i get older, i hope my talent can grow along with me.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Lauren,
I am absolutely thrilled that you have introduced yourself here. You are gorgeous but I'm sure you hear that all the time!

Your drawing talent will most certainly grow with you and that's a fact if you continue to keep drawing a part of your life.

It was very sweet of you to thank those who have provided encouragement for you, thank you for doing that!

Here are just a few of your drawings so far:

Lovely Lady
Beautiful Belly Dancer
Girl By The Ocean

It will be a pleasure to see more of your fantastic artwork, thanks Lauren.

Update from Lauren 2010:
The last photo i sent in was me when i was twelve,and here i am 2 years later. I didnt really change, except i look a lil older. I've changed along with my drawings (which have improved dramatically). I know i look alot oldr then 14....i get that ALOT.
Some people don't believe me when i say my age regarding my drawings. It makes me feel even more special :P haha
Go check some out:)
PS: i answer questions on my pages:P
and kerry, put some of my newer dawings on the list below plz :)

Hi Lauren
Hey thanks for the updated photo -- you haven't changed one single bit!
Below you can see the links to a few of your latest works of art. If anyone wants to see your whole collection, it's easy, just type "Lauren" into the search box and your pages will be displayed. The search box is on the top right side of every page on the site.
Your drawings are very worthy of that search so thank you so much for sharing them here. I appreciate you updating your page too!

Forbidden Love
Split Personality
Rising Angel

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