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Local Actress

by Dale
(High Wycombe)

My interpretation

My interpretation

My interpretation
Photo of Rebecca
A quick sketch
The Phantom

I have been trying to do some more portraits so tried this one of an Australian Actress, Rebecca Gibney. It was quite a challenge but I think I am getting the hang of it.

I tried it this time using grids which I haven't done before. It was easier than I thought.

A Quick Sketch
The one of the Owl in a tree was a quick sketch that I finished in black ink and acrylic.

The Phantom
I did this drawing about three years ago after not drawing for about 40 years, just to see if I could still do it. I actually surprised myself.

Your in drawing

Note from Kerry:
Hi Dale,
Grids are a great way of learning, aren't they? It is really amazing how they help achieve the realistic look but at the same time, it is still your drawing... if you get my drift. I think you did a great job of Rebecca, she would like it!

The owl sketch is fantastic too, it's very attractive, great work on that one!

Your drawing of The Phantom is also excellent. I had to smile when you said you drew it just to see if you could still do it. Sometimes, I have great gaps in between when I find time to draw but I'm thinking it must be like riding a bike... it's something you never forget. Maybe we might forget ways to achieve certain effects but that's about it.

You're doing some fantastic artwork, keep it up!

Comments added:
by: Dale
Thank you for your encouragement. I am having so much fun with my art and I love showing it to others. Some people gush and others look at it with a diffident look. But that's okay, because I like it and that's what is important. Don't you think?
Thanks again,
Yours in drawing

by: Kerry
Hi Dale
You have got it exactly right -- so long as you like what you produce, that is the main thing. I know the feeling of proudly showing artwork and getting no response... it makes me wonder do they not appreciate art or is it something they have never tried? I know I have always admired people who can draw and it's pretty exciting for me to be drawing now even tho it's a little late!

by: rachel
I love the Rebecca drawing the best, it really is very good. I've used the grid method before and liked it, I found it helpful, but it didn't turn out anywhere near as good as this, I really like it :))

by: Dale
Rachel, thank you for your positive comments. I was extremely proud of how it worked out. I am doing one now of Marrilyn Monroe and it is looking pretty good.

by: Michael Betz
Nice work on these. The Rebecca portrait is pretty good, and th eshading is not bad either. The owl one is great. I think that would look goodon a coffee mug......and The Phantom....great job as your return piece. Keep up the great work, I'll be looking for more.......

by: Dale
Thank you for your comments. I appreciate it very much.

by: Bill Richards
I can see an improvement
I can see that what I have been showing you has improved your drawings. Glad to see your progress both here and on Facebook.

by: Dale
Thank you Bill for all your help and ideas etc. Even I can see my progress and I am really enjoying doing portraits. I bought some black paper today along with white pencils to have a go at something different. I wouldn't have even tried if I hadn't seen your work. Many thanks again,

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