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by loetji
(Bandar Lampung, Indonesia)



Hi...I like drawing since I was a kid, but I didn't think it was a talent or anything. I drew just for fun. (I drew anywhere, my school books, pieces of paper I found, even on my table.)

Until one day I found I book about pencil drawing, the picture inside was amazing! Then, I realized that I could do it.

I bought pencils and practiced it, It wasn't going very well because I might have forced myself. Then I stopped practicing because of my job. I drew only once in a while.

About two months ago when I was searching something for my work, I come across a drawing site. I read it and it motivated me to pick up my pencil again, and ...gosh...I should have done this a long time ago...
Then I find this site ..thanks God.....

***Note from Kerry:
Hi loetji, thank you for sending in your picture. You are very pretty! I liked your story. I hope you include drawing in the rest of your life and you will always be happy. Welcome to the All About Drawings family!

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