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Madhubani and Glass Painting

by Viswanath V Rao
(Pune INDIA)

Madhubani ?

Madhubani ?

Madhubani ?
Glass Painting

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I read about madhubani drawings, one type of drawings made in Ancient INDIA.

I tried the same style on a card board box with acrylic paints. Not sure if this piece of art falls into madhubani category or not.

Drawing #2 - Glass Painting
This is a glass painting, with random designs on an OHP sheet, colored in randomly.

It's abstract painting made with glass painting colors.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Viswanath,
I've had to merge your 2 drawings to make more content appear on your page. New rules cite there must be about 300 words per page (!! It's true!) so I have to play the web game.

Drawing #1 - Madhubani
I love this one, it's so colorful and pretty! You've done a great job of it and I'd be proud to hang this in my home. I actually haven't heard of Madhubani but it looks very appealing.

Drawing #2 - Glass Painting
Glass painting is so attractive and you've created a wonderful piece here, Viswanath.

I remember Jubi previously sent in some lovely glass paintings and she gave us a wonderful step by step tutorial for glass painting, too.

Just as a matter of interest, do you have anything behind your painting here? The side on view makes it a little difficult to tell, so I hope you don't think I'm being rude for asking.

Added comments:

by: Michael Betz
I'm with Kerry on this one....madhubani is a new style on me...but then again...I am not from ancient India either.....;) I myself am not a big fan of abstract pieces, but I do really like the vibrant, rich and bright. Has anyone ever checked out that movie yet that I had mentioned? Waste Land? I think it would so inspire you to display your Art. I know there is a tremendous amount of competition in seems 1 in 3 families there has a terrific artist. But I think you have an edge....recycled Art.....if I were you, I would seriously consider trying to display your work.....seriously....

by: Kerry
Hey Michael,
I'm going to watch the movie, it's on my list of movies that I want to see, eventually. We don't visit the dvd shop very often but I hope to one of these days!
Viswanath, Michael is right, your art is so unique, it really does need showing off!

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