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Michael Betz

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

This is me...

This is me...

Everyone else was posting pics of themselves, so I figured, why not. If I scare people away from the site...I apologize in

Well, I am 43, live in Las Vegas. I have been here since 1986. I love it here, but boy is it expensive.

I have been drawing since I was young. I remember my first drawing ever: I was grounded to my room (another story..hehe). Well, as you can imagine, I was bored. I just happen to be looking at my Mickey Mouse trash can that I had next to my desk. I was tracing the outline of it with my eyes...and I just all of a sudden got hit with this notion..."Hey, I bet I can draw that", so I did, and it actually turned out great....I went running downstairs to show my mom, and she made me go get the trash can so she could make sure I did not trace it. And, that was that.

I have been drawing off and on ever since. I never took any art classes, never used any books to help me out....I just looked at other peoples work, and adjusted mine as I saw new techniques.

I have read the first 2 chapters of How To Draw Lifelike Portraits From Photographs by Lee Hammond (excellent artist by the way). Even just the first two chapters of that book, made a huge impact on my drawings. I do plan on one day, at least making it to Chapter

I don't use any tools to help with the drawings, no protractors, no rulers (unless I have a line that needs to go to specific spots), then I will use a ruler, just to make sure it connects exactly where it needs to. But other than that, everything is completely free-hand.

I am married to an absolutely beautiful woman, 10 years my junior, she keeps me as active as she can. We have 3 wonderful children, that inspires me in many ways. They are my much as I love to draw, I would give it up forever for them....

Well, without getting too personal, that's about all I can think of. I did move around a lot...not because of military or anything, just a vagabond I guess....

But, here is the man behind the

Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael, it's so great to see your picture and to meet you, at long last!

I really enjoyed your story, thanks for sharing so much about you.

I love getting to know artists who are self taught because it inspires me to become better, to know that more is possible when I see the quality of work you can produce.

Thank you for participating in this site, your contributions have added quality. I always enjoy seeing your fantastic drawings.

*** Visit Michael's gallery *** to see all his wonderful creations.

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The Betz Family

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

Jared and Jacob

Jared and Jacob

Jared and Jacob
Michael and Christie

Everyone else sent in pictures of themselves so we could all virtually meet the artist....I decided it was time to show you the faces behind the Betz Children pictures.

Jacob is the oldest, he is 12. Then Jared is 11 and Jayme is 10. They all 3 have J.M. names. Jacob Michael, Jared Matthew, and Jayme Marie.

These kids are my entire life. They are my everything.

Oh, I threw one in of my wife and I so you could all see where the kids get their wife.....hehe.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael and family!!
It is absolutely fantastic that you have sent in everyone's photo! You are right, your children are very good looking, so is Christie and you are as handsome as ever.

I am really pleased to virtually meet your whole family - this is such a lovely idea.

Oh, and being the typical male, do you think you've omitted to say Christie is a major part of your life, too?

Here are some links to the young 'uns drawings:

Drawings by Jared:

Abandoned Lighthouse

Homer Simpson

Drawings by Jacob:

Home Sweet Pinapple

Drawings by Jayme:


Jayme's Bird

This page is a great Michael, thanks for doing this on behalf of your lovely family. xx

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Home Studio

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

After several years, I have finally managed to clear up some room in my house to set myself up a small home studio.
A neighbor of mine was tossing out a desk which he gave to me instead. I removed a display case that was housing my Matchbox collection, and put this desk in it's place. It was nice to clear up the room on my computer desk as well.
Now this is my dedicated drawing area now.....I affectionately call it my "Home Studio".....the only reason I am posting it here is because I am just so stoked about getting a place solely for my drawings.....whoohoo!!

Note from Kerry:
Hey Michael,
It's very nice of you to share your drawing studio with us. I don't have a dedicated area - I draw anywhere and everywhere and I'm sure it drives hubby nuts. I just recently claimed a nice sunny spot where we have a spare table and it's nowhere near as neat as yours! In other words, you're not going to see a photo anytime soon!
Did you see Sue has left some comments for you on the page about you?
I was sorry to see on Facebook that you are needing surgery on your right shoulder - I'm sending cyber-healing wishes your way and I hope you can still chat with us, left-handed...

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