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Relaxing At Home

Relaxing At Home

Hi, my real name is Carl, I'm 43 and married to Mandy also known as Dif. Mandy is a keen "Crafter" making cards etc and gave me a nudge about 2 months ago to get back into drawing.

She knew I loved it and found it very relaxing and therapeutic, and although I do not consider myself as being particularly talented, I really enjoy copy sketching anything from, books, magazines, photo's and as I recently tried, some information leaflets out of a rack on the wall in my local hospital!

We went out and bought a set of pencils and charcoals, water colour pencils etc and a couple of sketchpads.

I now spend many a happy hour just drawing anything and everything again. Thanks Mandy.


***Note From Kerry:

Hi Mif
It's nice to meet you.

Are you going to send in some of your drawings for us to see?

That's really why we have the "Introduce Yourself", so we can see (and come to know) the artist and his work.

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