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Military Guns Unfinished

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

My oldest, jacob (12) had a book from the library that was all about military stuff. He asked me to draw some of the here is what I got done before the book had to go back. We tried to find that book again, but as of yet have been unable to...but, we'll keep looking.

Usual tools, mechanical pencil and a few blending stumps. All together each gun took me about an hour each.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael,
I am assuming the top 2 images are finished and it's only the third one that is actually needing more work, right? Those top 2 are absolutely fantastic!

Actually, this is another drawing of yours that would make a good study for the beginner artist so they can see how you do your outline to begin.

You keep my attention when I study your drawings just because I continuously marvel at the finer details and the terrific outcome of the piece as a whole.

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