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More girl drawings

by Aletheia

Hi again, here are a couple of more girls that i've made lately.

I have noticed that most of my girls (mostly girls i've done so far.. ;) looks a bit sad, so i am trying to change that, and one of the submitted drawings this time has a small smile :)

I still see my own progress, and i am glad to see that i think my work in other techniques are improving as well. and this page is great inspiration.


Note from Kerry:
Hi Aletheia
I thought I'd pick my favorite but that little chore ended up being too difficult! I've given up and I'll just say that I think you've done a terrific job of all 4 drawings, each girl has her own personality shining through.

Are all of these done with pencil? Is the brownish one on color paper? Sorry to appear nosey but those are the kinds of questions that flit through my mind whenever I study drawings!

I have enjoyed looking at your latest girl drawings, thanks Aletheia!

Comments added:

by: Aletheia Li
Hi Kerry, and thanks for the nice words :) I am having the same problems with picking a favourite, but i like that they have different expressions, because all my portrait used to look to much the same in my earlier years ;)
And yes, they are all made just with pencils, ordinary ones even. and one hb and b for the black parts. the brownish girl is on light brownish/yellowish paper and i have made some shadows with a greenish color pencil to make her look like sepia, it turned out pretty good :)
have a nice day Kerry!

by: Kerry
Thanks for answering my questions Aletheia, I really appreciate you doing that! I just had another good look at the sepia one and you've done a really good job with that, I can't tell you've used a green pencil on there so it all blends in really well. Great effect and great work by you!

by: Michael Betz
Hi again Alethia.....I got excited just reading the title of this page...:) I love all 4 of your drawings. They are all done very well. I think my fav is the Asian girl, I think she is #3....that's mainly because I have a fetish for Asian girls......anyhooooo......I really like the sepia effect you got on number 2. Nice touch and great attention to detail. Personally I think your portraits are coming along excellent!! I really look forward to seeing your work....can hardly wait for the next masterpiece......oh, and I have to mention that #1 mostly deff should be framed.....technically, I think that one shows off your drawing technique the best.....but I still like #3 the best...hehe......

by: aletheia li
Hi there, and wow thanks :) glad u like them, and it made me smile when i read about your asian girl thing, i kinda have that too. love asia and the people who lives there.
#1 is the first portait that i've made this spring, the one who i was so surprised over how well she turned out that i could't stop looking at her ;) so she is the reason i've continued with portraits ^^
and i totally agree about framing her, i want to have her on a big poster in my house :)
well thanks again :) and i'll see if i can put up some piece of masterpiece here soon..

by: Michael Betz
I agree...Asia is absolutely fascinating. I love their culture, their music, their food, and their Art is amazing! The history that they have, the scenery is breathtaking and their women......I think they are among the most beautiful in all the world.......

by: Arthur
Really nice
Very good, I like your drawing style!

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