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by Lauren Sauers
(Wilmington NC)



I drew this after hearing the line "My haters are my motivators" :) which is true

I had funnnn .... i liked doing the hair and letters.

I did this in colored pencils and the writing in sharpies... around 2 hours maybe.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Lauren
I think your drawing is very cool and the hair looks fantastic, too! So I'm thinking you did this on your tablet? What sort did you get?

My other question is... did you hear the saying about haters and motivators in a song (if so, which song?) or where? (Once you answer my questions, I'll add it to this section, in case anyone else has an inquiring mind like mine.)

Thanks for sending in your latest creation, it looks fantastic. Have you been doing any drawing lately or are you spending all your free time on the tablet? I really hope you don't stop drawing, you have wonderful talent.

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