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My Dad

by Neil Kitchen

The use of grid lines...

The use of grid lines...

Hi Everyone

I recently posted a picture of a church I drew, which was the first picture I had drawn in a number of years.

When I went looking for different techniques to help me improve my drawings, I came across this website which really impressed me.

I was so motivated when I saw other pictures on the site, and how everyone supports one another, I thought I'd make another stab at a drawing.

This is an unfinished drawing. It is of my dad but, when finished, it will also contain my mother and my eldest son.

One of the techniques I noticed was the use of grid lines when drawing. I thought I would put it to the test and share with you how it affects the proportions of the picture. It takes a little time to erase the lines but, it is so worth the effort.

The picture has taken me about 2 hours so far (I have many more hours to go) and I used 3H, H, HB, 3B & 6B pencils. I also created a blending stick using rolled up paper, which is also another technique I picked up from this site...

Anyway, enough of me rambling... I hope this technique helps you as much as it helps me...

Follow Neil's progress and view the next step in his experiment using grid lines for the first time...

Mum and Dad - Work In Progress

Note from Kerry:

Hi Neil,
It certainly saves a lot of grief to use grid lines when doing portraits, especially for more inexperienced artists.

I do think though that you might benefit by trying a bigger grid on your canvas (next time, that is) - it's easier to erase and it's main purpose is for proportion which is really all you need it for.

I think you already have 'an artist's eye' and you don't need any help getting details right which is when smaller grid lines come in handy.

I hope I'm making sense! My intention is to help, not confuse!

Oh, and thanks for your kind words about the site, you made my day!

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