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Ninja =]

by Brooklyn Lynch
(Yakima, WA USA)

Me with a total breakout...

Me with a total breakout...

Hey everyone Ninja here! I am just humbled to the greatest extent to be sharing my work and looking at the work of fellow artists such as yourselves!

I live on a map dot in Washington called Yakima. I am twelve (thirteen in September) and have always liked doodling.

I love horses and would gladly take my life in peace for animals because "A persons a person no matter how small".

I play soccer and if you don't... well... that's just me! I have been playing for 7 years.

I have two beautiful baby dogs, well they're not puppies per se but they will always be my babies. Well this presentation is gettin' a little long so bye and keep doing what you love,

-Love Ninja ;]

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Brooklyn!
I am delighted that you sent in your pic -- thank you!! I can tell that you are a beautiful person by your love of animals. I really like your photo, you are gorgeous!

Your work shows off your unique style and I really enjoy the fact that you draw what you love.

I hope you continue to grow and shine as an artist and I hope you always keep drawing to be a part of your life.

Thanks for being a part of this lovely family, Brooklyn.

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Duna The Cheetah by Brooklyn Lynch (Yakima, WA)

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