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On Your Mark

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

Get set...

Get set...

I have found myself in a slump with my drawings. No picture is turning out right for some reason. I feel like an author with writers block. I was hoping this would be the one to break that streak....but I guess not.

But, fear not, I am not giving up.....I just need to get past this hump......this one is from that book Anatomy For The Artist.

I used 2 mechanical pencils, one with an hb lead, and one with a 2b lead, yes, I used blending

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael, I am still admiring your work because you don't devote a lot of time to each piece. This would have taken me hours and hours and I just know that wouldn't be the case for you.

I think you've done a brilliant job of his hair and the expression on his face. You might be expecting too much of yourself, I can't see why you're not happy with it.

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