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One Of My Failures

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

One Of My Failures

One Of My Failures

Here is one of my "failures" I had mentioned that I would post. The front tire is waaaayy too small for the truck and the proportion is off through-out. But I did not feel like scrapping it and starting over, so I went ahead and finished it.

Plus, there are older drawings that I thought were pretty good at the time, but now I look at them and see flaws like crazy. That is the progression that someone had mentioned about keeping your old pictures, and comparing them now.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael,
Hmmm, I tend to harp about keeping all drawings, whether good or bad. I cringe whenever I read that an artist has tossed out their drawings. It's criminal!!

In saying that, I'd be pretty pleased if I had created this drawing! I'm not into cars like you so I'd never have noticed the things you pointed out.

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