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Pencil Drawing of Stephanie

by Bill Richards
(Hart, MI USA)

Pencil - Stephanie

Pencil - Stephanie

Pencil - Stephanie
Pencil - Stephanie
Pencil - Stephanie
Photo for comparison

This particular piece took me over a week to complete. The lightest pencil used was a 2H and the darkest was a B.

In order to show the strands of hair more profound, I did a simulated "line-art". Let me know what you think. Thanks

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Edited - added by Bill:
If you are interested in learning more, please read on as Bill has explained everything in more detail...

All three of the pieces shown are of the same exact finished drawing. It is only based on the lighting as 2 of the pieces shown are on the easel, and the one on the far left was taken on the white drawing table (at a closer range).

As far as the "line-art"; if you can see a close up view of her flowing hair to her left shoulder, you can see where I literally went with a dark line, with the highlight in between strong.

If we compare it to the way I drew her face (using a stump to blend it in, and then with the contrast of the dark lines in the hair, we can see where I meant it was more of a "line-art" or contour style drawing).

The way I had to get the highlights in the hair was simply use the small eraser on the tip of a mechanical pencil to create the highlights necessary in the hair.

Added photo of Stephanie for comparison.

Thanks Bill for answering my questions.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Bill
It looks like the final drawing turned out pretty well. It's hard to tell - are these pictures of the drawing in stages or are they all 3 finished and just a different camera view? I can see #1 is much lighter than the others but that could be lighting. (If you comment below, I can move your answers to 'your story' above so everyone is informed, thanks Bill.)

Also, could you explain more about your technique called "simulated line-art" please Bill? I'm not quite sure what you're referring to. If I had to guess, I'd say you went over the same line several times or something like that. (See above for the answers to my questions)

Anyway, she's a very pretty girl and you've done her justice by producing such a terrific piece.

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