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My Daughter

by Sheryl Lynn Boivin
(Royston, Ga. USA)

My daughter.....

My daughter.....

As requested, I am submitting more of my drawings. This is the 4th portrait drawing I have done. It is one of the series I did for my husband's birthday.

Please critique as you I welcome suggestions and tips.

***Note from Kerry:
Sheryl, it is so hard to comprehend that you are new to portrait drawing. You definitely have a gift. It's lovely to see your work and to see you are enjoying drawing. By the way, your daughter is gorgeous!

Edited to add some comments:

by: Sandra Busby
In awe!!!
Good grief, I am in awe of your work. I would love it if you could talk us through what pencils you use and what your technique is. Where do you start???

by: Marty
Hello, Sheryl;
I also agree, where do we start? This drawing of your daughter is Fantastic. Have you ever thought about drawing other peopleas a business? I would also like to see one of your drawings in color. Please don't misunderstand me. I also drawing in pencil, but I also do oil paintings. Now of I had the talent of drawings portaits like you I believe I would make a business from it as good as you are.

I believe you could sell you art work anywhere and at anytime. Have you ever gave a thought of maybe selling your works on ebay?

Reply to Sandra
by: Sheryl Lynn Boivin
Hello Sandra,
I would love to share what I do....I am no where near a professional and I am self taught. Never had any classes for art/drawing.
Figure out a way for me to share what I know and I will do it!
I am about to start a portrait of a little girl that passed at age of 5 1/2 years. Her grandparents are paying me to draw the portrait for her parents as a Christmas gift.
I have one article on E-how that I share one of my techniques on how to get the proportions correct and make it look more life-like. Take a look and do a search for it.
If you have a facebook you can look me up there too. I have a fan page there showing all my drawings. Search for me through Lynn Burdette Boivin Pencil Artist.
Thanks for the was nice to hear that someone thinks I am good. I am my worst critique and a perfectionist so I am never happy with my work.

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My husband

by Sheryl Lynn Boivin
(Royston, Ga. USA)

My husband.....

My husband.....

I am a self taught artist. Only recently have I really became serious with my drawings and aimed to produce more life-like drawings.

This is actually only my 5th portrait drawing. I see improvement with each and every one I finish.

I did this portrait from a photo I took of him with my digital camera.

I framed it along with the others I did of our 2 children and I. It was his birthday gift from me. So he now has the whole family drawn and framed on the wall.... :~)

I welcome any comments and recommendations as to where I need to improve.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Sheryl, wow, what can I say? I think it's fabulous and so very well done. Thanks for answering my questions (removed), I have added your response to your story above, thanks Sheryl.

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by Sheryl Lynn Boivin
(Royston, Ga.)


The granddaughter of my long distant relative passed at the age of 51/2 years of age.

They contacted me about doing a pencil portrait of her to gift to their son for Christmas.

She had Cerebral Palsy and was born with so many medical problems, such as not being able to swallow mover her arms, etc....she lived most of her life with tubes in her stomach.

They said she was always smiling the biggest smile especially when you walked in the door.

They sent me 3 pictures and wanted the dress from one put onto the pose of the other.

Well this is what I came up with.....after combining several things from all three pictures.

***Note from Kerry:
I'm sure you did the little girl proud, Sheryl. It's a lovely drawing, that's for sure.

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by Sheryl Lynn Boivin
(Royston, Ga USA)

Amber....a beautiful bride to be ...

Amber....a beautiful bride to be ...

I have a friend who was getting married, well with the economy the way it is, living on a one paycheck income and raising 2 kids, I was not able to purchase a nice gift. So I thought why not give her something that would be cherished for years and have sentimental value at the same time.

That is when this portrait came to be......I am still in the process of the groom's portrait but hope to be finished soon.

***Note from Kerry:
Sheryl, if you ask me, I would think your gifts will be the most treasured of any gift they would receive. No offense to anyone, I just think this is the best gift ever. You have done a wonderful job, it's lovely.

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by Lynn Boivin
(Georgia, USA)

This is a portrait drawing I done for a old school friend of mine. She has helped me out in hard times and I felt led to do this for her.

I drew it on Bristol board and different shades of pencils, mostly 9B, HB, 2HB and 2B.

The picture I drew it from was very washed out so shading was very hard. I tried so hard to put shading in where it was totally white such as her arms. A flash was used when these pictures were taken so that contributed to the washed out places of the photo.

I am not satisfied with her arms....but I had to finally say it is finished and put the pencil down because no matter how much I kept fooling with it I still was not happy with the arms. It's the perfectionist in me....ugh

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Lynn,
Your story made me smile, I think there'll be a lot of artists who understand your frustration completely. However, on the bright side, I gazed at your portrait drawing with utter admiration, it's very well done and I am sure Amy will be delighted with this gift. Good job!

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