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Personal W.I.P.

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)



Phase 1
Phase 2 Materials
Test check characters

I am starting a project that is a bit different than what I have been doing, well, not actually different, but more.......I decided to let you all in on the process.....
I start with a blank (always a good idea) 9 x 12 sketch pad sheet, a mechanical 2B pencil, and a pink eraser.
I start with what is the original picture, which I will show you at the end.......then in phase 1, I lay down a very light line drawing of where everything in the background will go, minus the characters.
In Phase 2, I need Foam Craft Sheets, then with a white colored pencil I draw out the outlines of the characters....then carefully cut them out, and check them against the background drawing.......
as you can see, phase 3 is the coloring of the background.....I will post that when I get a decent way through that phase........

Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael
It's always great to know what you are up to! This looks like fun and I'm so pleased you have shared it with us. I look forward to seeing the results in your next submission (I see it's waiting in the queue...)

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