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Personl Project Final

by Michael
(Las Vegas)

Finished picture

Finished picture

Finished picture
Close up
Close up
Close up

Here is what I believe to be the finished product of my Personal Project. I am also including some close-ups for details.
It was looking at these that showed me a few things I could have done to make it look more finished. I could have blended the chalk a little better and the interior of the carriage, I am not happy with at all.
I have 5 different mediums in this one, graphite pencil, 17 different colored pencils, water color paint, pastel chalks, and color ink markers, plus the foam craft sheets. Oh and a Gold nylon type string thingy for the wand, and obviously glitter for the magic dust swirls. I will NEVER again work with glitter!!
I gave this to my daughter Jayme, under one condition, she has to keep drawing and learning Art, if she ever quits...I want this picture back...;)

Note from Kerry:
Hey Michael,
Working with mixed media is so interesting and it's something I've yet to try. Wow. It has ended up looking a real treat. Tell me, was Jayme delighted with it? That is such a special gift and I sure she will always treasure it.
I can only imagine the fun you had with the glitter - I've used it with my grandie and we practically painted her house with it. Her Dad (my son) was ultra impressed!
(er... not.)
Anyway, I am sure you are quite pleased with the results, it looks fantastic.

Whoops, almost forgot to give the links to your works in progress. Here they be, from start to finish...
Personal WIP

Personal Project Update 1

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