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Portrait Drawings by Bill

by Bill Richards
(Hart, Michigan)

Amanda J

Amanda J

Amanda J
Bill H
Faith done in Pen
Kathy drawn in color pencil

Amanda and Bill
The first one is a pencil drawing done of Amanda (she works at the local newspaper office). The second one is of Bill, a local photographer here. Both of these pieces were done "pro-bono" as a publicity in hopes that I could get some local business. (Bill, I have removed surnames for privacy reasons.)

This is a sample of how I draw Portraits. When I do a portrait for someone it usually runs an average of $150.00 for each drawing as they take me anywhere from 2-8 days to complete.

The portraits of "Amanda" and "Stephanie" are samples of my best portrait drawings. You are able to see the photo I used for both as a comparison.

The third piece is done in ink of my daughter Faith.
This is a pen/ink drawing done on 16 x 20 with a standard "Dollar Store" pen. I did however add some color to the eyes, and lips to draw attention.

I entered this piece in this years Art Contests and I got top place. I hope you enjoy my daughter "Faith"

The last piece is a color pencil drawing of my wife Kathy.

I hope you enjoy these pieces.
Thank you.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Bill
These are great portrait drawings, thanks for sharing them with us.

I imagine Amanda's beautiful hair would have provided quite a challenge for you.

The portrait of Bill H is also good. I'm sorry if I seem overly curious, but how did you achieve the black background?

The drawing of Faith is beautiful. (I love her name!) The touches of color are perfect with that pen drawing. Congratulations on winning top prize! That would have had twofold pleasure for you - one for the win and second for the pride for it being your little daughter. That's so lovely, Bill.

What did Kathy think of her portrait? Did she frame it? I think you've done a terrific job because I don't think color pencils are all that easy to work with. (Maybe mine aren't of good quality but I find it difficult to get a nice, even tone with color pencil.)

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