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Portrait Drawings by Sergio

by Sergio Garcia
(Waukegan ILL)

#1 - John Lennon

#1 - John Lennon

#1 - John Lennon
#2 - 4 Ever Michael Jackson
#3 - Rihanna
#4 - Super Why

To see the bigger version of each drawing, please click a thumbnail image.

Here is the latest collection of portrait drawings by guest artist Sergio.

#1 - John Lennon
I drew this picture in honor of John Lennon, he is not from my time but I love his music, a great musician and one of the most successful songwriters of the century, RIP John Lennon.

#2 - Michael Jackson
Hi AAD family,
I drew this picture in honor of Michael Jackson, the King of pop, I loved the way he use to dance, he was unique, RIP Michael.

#3 - Rihanna
I was in my room thinking on my next drawing and I saw this picture of Rihanna on a magazine, so I decided for her to be my next drawing, I really enjoyed drawing it.

#4 - Super Why
I drew this picture for my friend's son. He was turning 4 yrs old and he loves Super Why.

His birthday was all about Super why,. He was very happy when I showed him the picture on his birthday. This picture is now in his room.

Note from Kerry:
Hello Sergio!
You brought an instant smile to my face when I saw your drawings today! It's seems like I haven't heard from you in such a long time! Thanks so much for coming back and showing us your latest creations.

As usual, your drawings are fantastic! I have put them together on one page so everyone can compare them and see a brilliant collection all at once.

I have studied each one...

#1 - John Lennon
I love the way you did the glasses on John Lennon and the play of shadows, it's very well done.

#2 - Michael Jackson
I was stunned with the amount of detail on the Michael Jackson drawing. Did you do all of that with a pencil or did you use charcoal?

#3 - Rihanna
I really liked the simplicity in the portrait of Rihanna. You did a great job with her hair and the flawless face.

#4 - Super Why
I admit I haven't actually heard of Super Why but that's no surprise considering my age! Is that all with color pencil? I love his hair and the effect you created so effortlessly.

Great work, Sergio, thanks so much for sharing!

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