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Portraits of My Family

by Sharon Du Plessis
(Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa.)

Susan, my step-sister

Susan, my step-sister

Susan, my step-sister
Natasha, my half-sister
My step-mom, Mollie.

This is a continuation of my self-drawn photo-album of my family and friends.

Portrait #1 is of Susan, my step-sister, whom I love lots.

Portrait #2 is of Natasha, my half-sister, - we are the only ones who look alike in my whole family!

Portrait #3 is of my step-mom, Mollie. She's positively tested for cancer about a year ago, and is on agressive chemo therapy. My devotion to her is HUGE!

All of these portraits were done with B-pencils, H-pencils, as well as charcoal.

This project began last year, and it will only be finished once all my family members and friend's portraits are done, completely.

This project keeps me busy, and it will be handed over to my kids, when I lay my head down, one day. See it as a personal inheritance for them.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sharon
It's so lovely to see you back here and showing us your latest family creations! Your drawings look terrific, great work!

I hope you don't mind but I took the surnames off because of privacy issues - generally everyone writes to me eventually and requests the surnames be removed so I think it's safer to do it now.

I think it is a beautiful idea to have these drawings to hand down to your children. It may encourage one of them to do their children's portraits and add to the collection through each generation. Lovely.

I hope your step-mom gets better soon, it is very distressing to hear of anyone having that aggresive treatment, it's so cruel! Make sure she drinks lots of fresh carrot juice, it will help her tremendously. Her skin may go a little yellow but the benefits sure do outweigh the color of the skin. Plus, carrot juice is nice so she'll be busy enjoying it whle it helps to heal her from the inside. (It helped my Dad with his cancer.)

I've been reading about cancer being caused by too much acid in our bodies and how we can change that through our diets. Salads, vegetables and all that goodness is what our bodies need to recuperate. I don't mean to go on about it but I feel really sad for your step-mom and I wish to help.

Take care, Sharon, thanks for this beautiful page of drawings.

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