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Pretty Young Lady

by Cindy

Wanting to try my hand at spontaneous drawing I came up with this pretty young lady. Don't know her name, where she's from or who she really is for that matter. I think she is quite pretty though...I didn't follow any picture, just started drawing and this is how she appeared to me as the pencil hit the paper.

The hair is pretty hard to get right. In fact, Kerry I was looking at your picture of Halley Berry and I think you did a great job on her hair!

I did the entire sketch in mechanical pencil but was side tracked into putting color to the piece. Not sure if I should have done that but I did so...oh well...

I worked on this drawing for abt 2 1/2days. I've submitted several shots because I used different settings and couldn't decide which one to use. this a trait of a real artist?!%*#?!?
Hope you like her!
Your friend,

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Cindy,
First up, thank you for your compliment, you are too kind! I think acquiring the ability to draw hair needs some dedicated study time - I'll get around to it one of these days.

I actually like the gold one the best, I don't know why but it appealed to me straight away. Really, this is admirable simply because it came from your imagination. Thanks for sharing it!

Comments for Cindy...

by: Arish John Andrews
Hello Cindy,
This one is again superb.This young lady looks really pretty.I like her eyes and hair so much.keep going...

by: Michael Betz
Imagination?? Really?? You did this straight from your head? Wow...VERY nicely done....I am very impressed...

by: rachel
Hey Cindy, wow I can't believe this just came from the top of your head, it's brilliant. Oh and yeah Kerry you deserve all the compliments you get :)

Thanks everyone!
by: Cindy
I'm glad you all liked it! I like the way her eyes turned out...the nose needs more personality. My husband thought it was good but thinks I should use her as a study to try different shaped faces, ethnicities etc. I thought his idea was a good one so I'll probably try that sometime! Thanks for looking and commenting!

by: Lynn Boivin
Cindy, this is REALLY good! You have the talent! Now all you need to be doing is drawing, drawing, drawing.
On the hair, you are getting there. Here is what I do to achieve the hair I want. Think about where your highlights are. This is where you will go with a putty eraser or some sort to lighten AFTER you have made layer upon layer of pencil strokes. I bet I go over my hair probably 5 or so times, depending on the color of the hair, more times if it is dark hair. In between times I use a tortillon to smudge to give an over all color, basically to fill in between your lines that are white. After a few times I don't use the tortillon anymore, I just build my hair up with pencil strokes, making the dark areas dark and staying away from my lighter areas a little. One thing you need to remember is after you lighten your areas with an eraser you want to make VERY light pencil strokes in the highlight to show the little hair strands.
I hope all this makes since....if you have any questions just look me up.
Oh and I am like Kerry, for some reason I like the gold one.

by: Kerry
Rachel - Come here so I can hug you!
Lynn - wow, thank you for the instruction on how you do hair. I've got to say I am impressed with your encouragement to all artists here and the advice you freely give. You are a true buddy! Thanks Lynn, good things happen to nice people so I'm sure you'll receive something wonderful soon...

Pretty Young Lady
by: Marty
Hello Cindy:
I am like the others, I like the gold one the best also.
And Cindy her eyes just draw me into the artwork and that is where I want to be in able to study it.
This is just another awesome masterpiece of yours and we all love it.

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