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Self Portrait

by Bill Richards
(Hart, Michigan)

Self Portrait Bill Richards

Self Portrait Bill Richards

Self Portrait Bill Richards
The Great Wizard

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I have been drawing for over 30 years, and I wanted to share some of my artwork in various locations.

Self Portrait
Here is a Self-portrait that I completed this year along with a photo so you can compare.

The Great Wizard
The wizard on the left was drawn about in 1988, and after this length of time I thought it best to redraw it. I hope you like the comparison of the two.

Both are done in Color Pencil (the one on the right is done with Prisma Color)

Note from Kerry:
Hi Bill
Your artwork is very impressive.

When you draw portraits, do you use any points of reference or a grid perhaps to help you keep it in proportion? I realize a lot of artists don't need assistance but it's great for beginner artists to know this kind of information.

I love your wizard drawings, your choice of color is perfect. Did you use a reference picture to draw this or is it from your imagination?
You have terrific drawing skills, that's for sure.

Thanks for sharing your work here. We appreciate any tips or advice that you would find worthwhile for anyone just starting to draw.

I love seeing self portraits and I admire the artists that share them!

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