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Sharon Du Plessis

by Sharon Du Plessis
(Gauteng, South Africa)

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Since childhood I had the urge to explore my talent, but I grew up in a children's home, and those times nobody really was interested in encouraging me into drawing and arts.
Only, since I married my second and current husband, he discovered my talent, and wrote me in for art-classes, which I enjoyed very much.
The more I improved, the more bigger projects I participated in. We moved, and unfortunately I had to continue on my own, and bought art-books to assist me when needed.
I'm now at a stage in my life that I realised that I gained a lot of self-confidence, by keeping on practising my skills. I just wish I had an opportunity earlier on in my life to better my drawing skills, but it's never too late to recognise your talent.
I feel like a genuine artist, although I still have a lot to learn.

Note from Kerry:

Hi Sharon
Thank you so much for introducing yourself here. I have had a wonderful time viewing your drawings and admiring your skill. You have every right to feel like a genuine artist because your artwork brings so much pleasure. It's just like eye candy!
It's so nice that your hubby recognized your talent and I hope we can also help you become the artist you wish to be.

Here are links to your artwork so far...

Few old men playing cards
Riverside Scene
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