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Simba and Samantha

by Carmen
(Columbia, MD, USA)

One day on July of last year, my grandson Nicholas and I went to see the dentist for a regular check up for him, while we was waiting to calm him because he was nerves, I began sketching the Lion King which was the movie on at the office.

Instead of “Simba”, I did “Scar”, the bad uncle. Nick was laughing.

Then he asked me to make a dog, because we saw puppies in a magazine at the office and I tried to resemble “Samantha”, she was a beautiful mix of German Shepherd and Siberian Husky, she was an old dog that we had when his mother and uncle were little kids.

Nick was pleased with both of my sketches, I hope you like it too ……

PS: A message for Kerry:
Hi Kerry,
I just want to express my appreciation to you, for the great idea of creating this website. Thanks to you we are able to exhibit our arts, we give life to our creation through our story, and also we receive advice and encouragement to be better and keep on.
Thank you very much


***Note from Kerry:
Oh thank you Carmen, your little personal note was so beautiful. You made me feel like I'm special and I appreciate your words a lot.

Your drawings are awesome, really! I have seen that movie a few times with my granddaughter and I recognized Scar which means you've done a really good job of portraying him.

The one of the dog is also good, you are very talented. You've captured her beautiful face perfectly.

I call these 'frame-able' works of art.

Added comments:

by: Carmen
I shrink Simba and Samantha too much!
Thank you Kerry, your opinion is always appreciated to me. I confessed that I still having problem to post my sketching, I think I shrink them too much. Can you tell me please, to be able to see them better, what is the size or measurement to post them?
Thank you again!

by: Kerry
Image size
Hi Carmen
Images are automatically reduced to 400 x 300 to fit each page.

It doesn't matter whether it's 400 high or 400 wide. You can resize to 500 x 400 and it will automatically resize them to fit. It's only when the images are like 1900 x 1600 (for example) that the system can't handle the size and it sends an error message.

It sounds like you have mastered the art of resizing - I must say I am impressed with your persistence to do it all yourself.

Carmen, you are welcome to send in bigger images and I will add them to this page. You can send them to me via email or you can use the uploading boxes as per normal, whatever suits you.

The drawings are so good, Nicholas must be proud that his grandmother is an artist.

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