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Still life and landscapes

by Sharon Du Plessis
(Gauteng, South Africa)

I can only draw still-life if I am calm and peaceful, which is rare from my side!
Using different mediums in paintings is fun, as well as educational, and love colors, specially earthly ones, as well as purple-magenta!
Most of my paintings are done in oils, seeing it brings out the creative spirit in me.
Waterpaintings is also another medium I like to experiment with, but those paintings I will upload later on.
Landscapes is my favourite subject to draw/paint, seeing the end result is always amazing, nothing like the original pictures! I do not usually stress about a particular color-scheme, because I prefer to use my OWN imaginative color-scheme- to me it gives a personal touch to a painting!

Note from Kerry:

Hi Sharon
I love your colors so keep doing what you're doing! These are beautiful works of art.
(Sharon, I am so sorry about removing one, it was tastefully done and lovely but the submission guidelines are there so children can participate on this site.)

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