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by Sushree Kalpana Chand



Indian Woman

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Hi all.
This is Suhree from India. I must say I am so happy to find this site to express your desires in drawings.

Well,about myself, I loved to draw since i was a kid. I got my life's first prize when i was in UpperKg. After that i participated almost in all competitions and i found my happiness in drawing.

Nowadays i draw at my leisure times. Some of my drawings over here in this site are...

The Lady

Flower Up Close

The Lillies

Watercolor Rose

The other image on this page is my latest color drawing...

Indian Woman

Last time i drew a lady in black and white, here i come up with a colourful lady. She depicts an Indian woman, though not modern woman.

Hope you all like it too!

Note from Kerry:
Hello Sushree
It is such a pleasure to see this beautiful photo of you, you are as gorgeous as I had imagined you to be!

It's a delight to share your fabulous artwork on this site, thank you so much for participating. You are very sweet.

I really like your Indian Woman drawing, it has a sense of mystique and charm. You are a great artist and I always look forward to seeing what you have created.

I have merged your 2 entries today because of new website rules requiring me to make pages contain good stories with images. I think this is a fantastic page and it's all yours! Thanks Sushree.

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