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This Is Jana

by Jana Esther
(Prague,Czech Republic)

Jana Esther

Jana Esther

My name is Jana and I started drawing about three months ago practically from scratch.

My first reason for starting was to come to terms with something very much painful and unexpected that happened to me. I have never drawn before except when I was a schoolgirl.

I have signed up to a drawing class and when I was about to go to my first lesson I was very much nervous and afraid. I truly believed that I would be standing in front of my drawing board without being able to draw a single line or even dot and it would end up in a big embarrassment for me and for my teacher as well.

Luckily it was not so bad. The first thing that our teacher gave us to draw, was a beautiful rose and I was very enthusiastic about it, because I love flowers - roses and orchids the most.

To my surprise he liked my drawing. Since then I have drawn other pictures and I also draw at home and then bring the pictures to the class to show them to my teacher.

I enjoy working in this art studio very much and these drawing lessons too and would welcome any opinions of yours, either positive or negative regarding my drawings.

You can also find me on Facebook. My name is Jana Obendraufova.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Jana, your artwork is beautiful, as can be seen by your dog drawing entitled "Shadow". It's incredible that you can produce such work after only 3 months. You must be very proud.

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