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Variety of Sketches

by Ricky Davis
(Pretoria North, South Africa)

Dead tree in desert

Dead tree in desert

Dead tree in desert
Sea Scape
Fishing Village

Here is a selection of different sketches I have finished with different mediums.

Edited to include this information from Ricky...

The sea scape was just a rock formation that I liked and all I added was the sea, land mass and water.

The Italian village was a picture of a few houses on a shore. I added the fort in the background for depth. I didn't highlight the fort as I did not want to take anything away from the actual drawing. I added telephone wires just to show there are people living there, I'm not good at drawing people so I try to show life in other ways.

Regarding my material, I cannot travel so I use pictures and do my own thing with my imagination.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Ricky
For a moment there, I thought I could pick a favorite out of these - the sea scape is absolutely beautiful but then I clicked onto the others and I realized they are all magnificent! Congratulations, you have done a lovely job.

Ricky, I had to make up your description here because you accidentally posted the same wording as your last entry. You are welcome to tell us more about each drawing just by adding a comment below and I will transfer it to here. The submission guidelines state that there must be more than one line so I will be grateful for anything more you can add.
Edited:Thanks for all the extra information Ricky, it makes me appreciate your artwork even more... if that was possible!

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