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Vegar J

by Vegar J
(Oslo Norway)

The Sea Troll by Theodor Kittelsen

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I started to draw when I was 4 years old. I remember staying up at night and just draw when i was at that age.

I read alot of comics so I also started to make up my own stories and draw them. That's something i really loved to do. I started doing that when I was 7 and it ended after a summer vacation when i drew all of the dreams i had during the vacation. Hehe.

After that I almost stopped drawing because I didn't have enough time.

Now that I am 17 years old I have started to draw again. But I'm focusing more on drawing nature pictures.

Other things I do is to make music and play in my band. I play bass, But I also know how to play guitar and drums.

My biggest influence is Theodor Kittelsen. Everyone: Look him up! He is really good.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Vegar J
I looked up Theodor and had a wonderful time so I've included a link above to his works at a glance. I hope you don't mind Vegar, but I've also put one of his drawings up with your drawing to show the type of work that you admire.

If that is a self portrait of you, I am impressed! You are a good-looking talented young man. I'm thinking the girls must swoon at your feet the minute you start playing bass or guitar.

It's great to 'meet' you, thanks for sharing your story and for joining in.

Let's take a peek at your drawings so far...

Forest at Night
Drawing of my Bird
Troll by the Cabin

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