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Warli painting

by Viswanath V Rao
(Pune INDIA)

Warli on a cloth bag

Warli on a cloth bag

Warli on a cloth bag

Saw a Warli drawing in our site; Did some samples research in internet and made something similar;

Used a cloth bag as my canvas, acrylic paints to draw simple dance movements, animals, also few people playing musical instruments.

I may spoil the whole scene if i add few more objects ... but still I'm taking the risk ... and will do next weekend;

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Viswanath
I think your red bag looks fantastic! In most cases, Warli art is naturally very busy so I am pleased you are taking the risk to add more. We can add it to this page if you do more to the red bag.

p.s. I received your email, thanks Viswanath. It's lovely of you to write to see if everything was ok here... yes, everything is fine, just a little busy and trying to accomplish too many things at once. Thanks for caring, that is very nice of you.

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